ArcelorMittal Rising Star Summit: The 2017 Agenda

The 2018 Agenda: Harnessing the Power of Disruption

State capture, scarcity of resources, BREXIT, the rise of the right in American and European contexts, junk status, the list goes on. What is the opinion of current and future business leaders on how these disruptive forces can be harnessed for the greater good.There is an urgent and imperative need to adjust to a new disruptive reality. What tools are essential for emerging leaders in this age of environmental, social, technological and political disruption? The Rising Star Summit gathers together current and emerging leaders, to discuss how it is possible to harness the power of disruption.We will explore how this power can be used to reframe and broaden perspectives, to drive innovation and to fuel success for the global tomorrow.

With both the agenda and the audience representing leaders recognised through our Rising Star and GradStar programmes, we will address 3 generations of thought on this issue (MD, Rising Star, GradStar). A melting pot of inspiration and talent, you need to be there to be part of it!

Represent your organization as one that can move with the times, be part of exciting new debate and really resonate with the next generations of talent.