Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This Booking Form is to be completed by an authorised representative of the Advertising organization, who fully accepts that:

1.     The onus is on the Advertising or Sponsoring organization to provide information and material in a clear and legible manner. If the information or material supplied is not legible, Blackbark Productions retain the right NOT to publish such details.

2.     Above rates do not include VAT or Agency Fees which (if applicable) must be added

3.     Cancellations will be accepted by Blackbark Productions, subject to the Cancellation Fees below and provided that notice of cancellation is received in writing. Blackbark Productions will acknowledge cancellation in writing once receipt of any applicable cancellation fees has been recorded.

4.     Cancellation fees: Within 48 hours of booking – no cancellation fees due. Up to 4 weeks before event date – 50%. Within 4 weeks of event – 100%.